Simple Scoring Board


December, 2012

General Description:

Simple Scoring Board is my project for Digital System Theory class, last semester. I didn't do it alone, but I did it with my friend. Basically, it's a counter circuit. It can show you the scores for both teams which doing the game, from 00-99, it uses 4 seven segments, 2 seven segments for each team. Also it uses up counter IC CD4026BE, 3 switch buttons, 1 ON/OFF switch, 1 LED as indicator, 9V battery and anti-bouncing circuit.


-Soldering tools

Materials and Components:

-Red 7 segment common cathode
-4 pin switch button
-Resistor 1K ohm and 4K7 ohm
-Capacitor 100nF
-9V battery
-Diode 1N4002
-IC CD4026BE

The schematic of simple scoring board

The anti-bouncing circuit

I put anti-bouncing circuit on the up counter switch button, because the number that shows on seven segment didn't came up in line.

This is the logic diagram image and the pin configuration from CD4026BE datasheet:

CD4026BE logic diagram

CD4026BE pin configuration

How it works:

As you can see from the logic diagram image, CD4026BE clock pin is active high, it means the IC will start counting whenever the clock pin in HIGH/1 logic condition, to prevent the IC for counting I must connect it to ground, so the clock pin will be in LOW/0 logic condition. To show the number that counted by the IC, I connected the seven segment output pin(6,7,9,10,11,12 and 13) to seven segment. Dont forget to conncet pin 3(display enable) to Vcc(power source). To reset the counter, I connect pin 15(reset pin) to ground, that is why I put pull down resistor on reset switch button.

Final Look

The final look of simple scoring board

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