December, 2016

General Description:

Gorobak (/go-ro-bək/) is a source code template for shopping cart. Although shopping cart is the one of the core things in the development of an e-commerce apps, it is most time-consuming thing to create and built. Therefore, I create this template to save you a lot of time if you want to create an e-commerce app, that's my main purpose. Currently, it is only available for iOS, but in the near future I will make it available for Android, too. Still for the sake of the main purpose, I write the codes in Swift 3. If I wrote them in Swift 2 or 2.3, I had to update them into Swift 3 eventually, because Apple always forces the users and developers to use the its latest technology. One of the advantage of Gorobak, it is JSON serialization ready. There is a possibility that you want to store the shopping cart data to the server. Before sending it to the server, it needs to be serialized into JSON format. There is a function in Gorobak that help you do this easier. In Gorobak bundle, I also created the other ViewControllers, to help you understand how it is used and works. You can build the app to run in simulator or iOS device (if you are the member of Apple Developer Program). In the source code I give the brief explanation about each line of the codes and also there are long explanation about the codes in the documentation folder.


-Xcode 8
-Swift 3
-iPhone & iPad

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Download the documentation. Please use the password provided in Gorobak bundle that you'll get after purchase it.


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