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I like to share all of my experiences with you, to see this amazing world in 3 most amazing aspects, adventure, art and engineering. Now, I added the summaries of the books that I read to be shared with you, too. There is a saying in Bahasa Indonesia, "Buku adalah jendela dunia.". It means we will get a lot of knowledges by reading books, to know everything in the world.

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Come and see what I've done all these years.
I'll share with you all the fun.

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Learning and Sharing about how to code in iOS, Android, Web Development and Git.
I'll share with you all the fun.

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A Little Bit About Me

I am an entrepreneur in information and technology field. I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, focused in Embedded System. Some skills that I acquired during my study are electronic design, C/C++/Assembly/JavaME programming language, cross platform application development, database design and real time operating system (RTOS) development. I also learnt some other skills by myself, such as graphic design, web design and development and 3D animation and modeling. Recently, I'm focusing on mobile application development (Android and iOS) and I'm taking a Master of Business Administration degree at School of Business Management of Institut Teknologi Bandung.

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I live in Bandung, Indonesia. It is my hometown.

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